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After giving the fascist Sweden Democrats an unprecedented and unbelievable 49 seats in Parliament, how could anyone expect the new  minority government to form an alliance?  Sweden prides it’s self on its open society. A society of acceptance and coexistence, an ability to get along at a level that I find almost unparalleled. The catch 22 is this very ability that has, in a sense, created this problem. The average swede abhors confrontation. They go to great lengths to avoid them. The Sweden Democrats know this and hope that it continues. They can’t exist in a society that is aware and active in the preservation of its rights.

What has happened over the last couple of days is that the new left-of-centre government has been unable to pass its budget. The swing vote in the parliament is held by, (guess who?) the fascists. The Sweden Democrats have refused to support any budget proposal that increases money for immigration. They want to “keep Sweden Swedish”. (A direct quote, btw) They have basically collapsed. A new vote is scheduled for March 22 next year. The former governing parties are chomping at the bit for a new vote hoping they can steal their way back to power. The fascist Sweden Democrats are hoping to become even bigger than the 3rd biggest party and the ruling government is hoping they stay in power, as do I.

The fascists have assumed an enormous amount of power in Sweden and it doesn’t seem to be diminishing. This is the confrontation that most Swedes have wanted to avoid. Gee, sorry. You can’t. If you truly have a conscience, if you want Sweden to remain truly Sweden, and not  a government ruled in some corporate back room, or some fascist misconception based on racism and the spread of hate, then you have no choice but to undo what should never have happened in the first place.

I’m quite sure I’ll be posting more on this so stay tuned!


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It’s unthinkable but true that Sweden is at such a risk. That the neo-nazis would be the third biggest party in Sweden would give them enormous power in parliment. (and yes, don’t fool yourself, that IS what they are) That they would ever grow so powerful HERE is a concept that i can’t begin to wrap my mind around. As an immigrant, as a friend, as a family member and as a fellow human being, I am asking, no I am BEGGING all of my swedish family and friends to do something very simple. Firstly to VOTE!!! Also to seriously talk to your family and friends about this. I know it’s uncomfortable and probably quite “non-swedish” to do, but stop being swedish for a moment and think about it. The potential ramifications are ENORMOUS!!! The fucking SD simply MUST be shoved back under the filthy racist stone they crawled out from under. We need everyone to stand up and be counted on Sept. 14.



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