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Welcome to my spot, have a seat make a cappuccino, take a biscotti or a glass of wine. Read a little and talk to me. I know this is supposed to be my blog, but without feedback it’s worthless. I’m after an exchange of ideas. My 2 most favorite words in the world are freedom and empowerment. We can’t have either if we don’t exchange ideas and help each other grow, so let me hear from you!!

A few things i love…

Flowers, gardening, freedom,, justice, writing, protesting (LOL) although I wish it wasn’t necessary, fireworks, travel, new countries new cultures, poetry, psychology, CG Jung, (hate Freud) Bruce Springsteen, Steve Van Zant, U2, going to the country, my adopted home of Stockholm, my wonderful wife, my family, good food and good wine, going to the Stockholm Archipelago, swimming, being lazy on my days off, and more.

I’m sure we can find some common ground!!

Let’s chat!

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