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Thoughts On Listening To *This Land Is Your Land”


I had a dream today, got me thinking,

On the bus on the way home from work,

A dream I’ve had before,

A dream many have probably had

I was on television, talking and singing,

The whole world was a’ watchin’

Woody Guthrie was a’ watchin’

Pete Seeger, he was a ’watchin’

Bruce Springsteen, he was a ’watchin’

And old orange face, Mr. Trump, he was a ’watchin’ too

Kept droppin’ the big TV remote outta his small hands, poor thing,

Anyways, like I said, I was on TV,

Had a guitar in my hands,

Strapped over my favorite flannel shirt,

And my favorite pair of Levis

And my bestest boots. I was a’ wearing all of that

And the song I was gonna sing,

This Land Is Your Land,

Well it weren’t no regular song, sir,

It was, I reckon, one of the most beautiful songs

I ever heard, I was telling people about it,

It was all about this country of ours,

And all its’ natural beauty,

And how it was built for you,

And built for me

And how it was built for him,

And him,

And her

And her

And the preacher

And the doctor

And the lawman

And the bus driver

And the children playing in the schoolyard,

Sir it was built for them too,

It didn’t make no mention of names

Nor what school they went to,

Nor even if they didn’t go to school, well it didn’t mention that neither

Nor what church they go to, who they pray to, iffn they pray at all,

No, sir, not even where they come from,

Not which part of town, not which coast,

Not which country,

Cuz everybody here comes from someplace else in the long run, don’t they?

Iffn ya trace it back far enough, I mean, we all come from immigrants

– Well, almost all of us –

Yes, sir, the song was plain and simple and beautiful, and indeed

This here land was made for you, and me, and him, and him, and her, and her

All to share equally, don’t that sound like a place you wanna live in, sir?

I know I would, if I could find it.

What say we find it together, sir?



Click the link below to listen to This Land is Your Land – Live by Bruce Springsteen

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A beautiful poem by a new friend that puts the immigration issue into perspective, Please read!!


Source: We Can All Hear The Voices

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Dreams In War

His dreams used to be quiet things

Meaning he slept through them

No special memory of what transpired

But he was young

What did he dream of at 4 or 5 or 6 years old

But that was before

Before the fighting

Before fleeing their home

Four times in three months

Seems the troops always knew where to find them

What does one dream of when at age 7

Without the toys his daddy gave him

Without the coloring books he loved to draw in

Without his dog to sleep beside him and protect him

He’s still afraid of the dark

And now of the daytime too.

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I’m writing this to the brave men and women who fought in Libya

The insane man with the wigs is dead
His clothes will no longer be food for laughs
Only in retrospect will we think of the horrors he wrought
He is dead
You are free
You have won an amazing victory

A tribute to your strength
A tribute to your steadfast beliefs
A tribute to your bravery

Lay down your guns
He is dead
Lay down your guns
He can’t hurt you anymore
Lay down your guns
A corpse has no power
Lay down your guns
It’s over

Lay down your guns
It’s time to go home
Lay down your guns
Your wives, husbands, partners,
And children are waiting for you
Lay down your guns
And open your arms
To each other

To your brothers and sisters in arms
To those who are waiting at home
To those who supported you from far away
Lay down your guns
And start to rebuild
Lay down your guns
And let love replace the years of hate
Lay down your guns
And make the changes you’ve burned for
Lay down your guns
And begin to form a democracy
Where no dictator will tread again

Form a democracy
Where self-determination is the rule
And where everyone has equal rights
Perhaps you will do better than we have
Lay down your guns
And give the rest of the world hope

We who held you in our prayers
We who cried over your losses
We who support you
We who believe in you
We who envy your bravery
We who burn for freedom
We who respect your right to self-determination
We who will never forget what you have accomplished
We will sing your praises
We who admire your bravery, your determination and compassion
The world is a better place because of you.

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