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It’s a small gift, this,
You lying beside me
While you sleep
Your perfume as faint as your breath.
A small gift,
Your arm draped around my shoulders,
head nuzzled into my neck, right into that spot
A small gift,
Like what I used to get
in my Christmas stockings as a kid,
Clementines,  bought the night before,
Fresh and full of juice
Nuts, lots of filberts, still my favorite,
Small toys that were fun but didn’t last
Not that it mattered at the time.
A small gift,
Not the type that I post about on facebook,
Not the type that a cat burglar would want
Not like those little trinkets
That rich pompous men buy their Mistresses
A small gift,
best shared in quiet, but oh so cherished.


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Have a wonderful holiday season filled with fun, friendship, warmth and the companionship of those you love. May your days be filled with peace.

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek but a means by
which we arrive at that goal.
– Martin Luther King, Jr

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