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Yes!!! Isn’t it time that men own their violence, prejudices, misconceptions, and sexist attitudes towards women and let them make their own decisions? Isn’t it time for men to stop blaming women for their own violence, perversions and lack of control? Rape, for example, has NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to do with what a woman wears, rather it is PURELY the result of a mans violence and hatred towards women. Such laws, or constructs, as a requirement to wear a burka, stem in reality from mens mistrust of themselves and a psychotic need to deny any responsibility for their own hateful attitudes. We can never have gender equality while such antiquated attitudes prevail. Until that fact is burned into our global conscience, we will continue to have such demeaning laws. I don’t like a burka but as long as they exist, i will support women’s right to choose. If a woman chooses OF HER OWN FREE WILL to wear one, or a birkini on a french beach, SHE HAS THAT RIGHT!!! And to assume that just because she makes that choice she has to be a terrorist is just bloody stupid and you need to buy an clue.

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Masha Shekarloo was a young, energetic pioneering passionate brilliant women’s rights activist in Iran, Just saying that should earn her respect, that she in a country so built on oppression, especially towards women,  would dare to stand up is admirable.  She was a pioneer but a woman, born in Tehran, educated in Chicago, who returned to Tehran and saw an oppurtunity to make a change.   Please read the article below and share it, share her passion, her belief in the possibilities and her work.




Also, I highly recommend following the link to her online magazine, called badjens. It’s truly worth a follow!


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Eldercare: The Forgotten Feminist Issue..


This is superb. It really made me stop and think, not of the issues it raises, but also because my own parents are aging more and more rapidly, both in their mid 80’s, both back in the US, half the way around the world from me and I am powerless to end the process. Caregivers deserve all the support, both finacialy and emotionally that they can get, and yes, it IS a feminist issue. As I am learning as I spend more time in Sweden and more time with my wonderful, brilliant, passionate enlighted and enlightening wife, EVERYTHING is a feminist issue!  As she just pointed out, you can view things with an avid eye or a blind eye. What color eyes do you have?

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