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So, those who were once heroes of 9/11 are instead once again showing their true grit. Some 800 peaceful protesters, members of #occupywallstreet were effectively herded into a mass group on Brooklyn Bridge and arrested. NYCs finest has yet again proven Forrest Gump to be quite correct; “Stupid is as stupid does.” The thing that gets me in all of this is that the police in general, and it’s no different here in Sweden, really tell you they want your respect and really wish for you not to call them pigs, fascists, motherfuckers, ass kissers, idiots, and to smile as they arrest your family for doing absolutely nothing while their colleagues are buying drugs down the street and paying for it with prostitutes services. I see Al Pacino in the great film Dog Day Afternoon, the great scene where he sees the crowd and hollers “Attica, Attica Attica!” . In other words, dear reader there’s a pattern here and it ain’t plaid!  I think to myself “Gee, wouldn’t it be easier to get respect if they actually did manage to serve and protect?”

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